TransCSR – Transparency of CSR skills through ECVET in European tourism

The overall goal of this project is to foster the acknowledgment and transparency of CSR skills for the European labour market in order to provide companies with skilled employees and on the other hand to increase employability for workers/ job-seekers in the tourism field. The specific aim is to transfer the results of the current LdV-project Train to Change and other CSR trainings into a broader systemic and geographic environment by implementing tools of the established ECVET system. TransCSR logo_300dpi

To reach this aim ECVET-methodologies from the current LdV-project European Nature System will be transferred, evaluated and optimised for the additional qualification of CSR skills to reach the following aims:

  • Analysis of CSR key competences in the tourism industry and analysis of good practices of the ECVET process regarding additional qualifications to conduct recommendations for the definition of learning outcomes.
  • Agreement on common denominators of the CSR qualification filtered by the European partners and determination of ECVET units for those denominators.
  • Development of a common transparent model for documentation of the additional qualification in the skills pass.
  • Adaptation of an existing e-learning on CSR skills into an ICT-based self-assessment methodology for learners from formal, informal and non-formal learning environments. Learners thus can identify their level of qualification within the European Qualification Framework independently from how they acquired the qualification.
  • A quality improvement cycle of the self-assessment methodology will be a crucial part of the whole transfer. The pilot testing of the methodology by the target groups promotes its involvement in the development and transfer of the concept.
  • Preparation of a Learning Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding to create a European-wide network for acknowledgement.
  • The instruments and tools used for the achievement of the above mentioned aims will be distributed among stakeholders from education and tourism as well as future users during the whole project.

Coordinator: kate ecology & development (Germany)
Contact: Ms Ute Rössle

Funding programme: LLP-Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation