PLAYHOST – The Hospitality Entrepeneurs Game

The general aim of the PLAYHOST project is the transference of a general entrepreneur’s game to the specific sector of hospitality and restaurant management. 1_logoPLAYHOST

The main result has generated a European online tool which makes future young entrepreneurs think and reflect to reduce the chances of risk in creating a new business, successful analyzes of the points that should be contemplated and the most common errors that can occur in day to day management of a hospitality or catering business. Its main characteristics are:

  • The access to the formative session is carried out through internet;
  • The game is available in the languages of the consortium apart from English.
  • The kind of business has to be selected, apart from the “avatar” inside the game, the business name, its aspect and logo.
  • During the training session, situations and possible answers are going to be set out; each of the possible answers has associated a positive or negative punctuation related to the degree of correct answers to solve a situation.
  • The target group can be formative influences, work consultants, students, unemployed people, or any person interested in undertaking a new business in the hotel industry and catering sector.

The online game is available on English, Spanish, Bulgarian, Italian, Turkish, French and German.
The first outcome developed by partners was a specific research in Hospitality sector. This report includes information about the hospitality sector in each of the countries of the consortium, the use of game simulator in vocational training, examples of the hospitality sector, analysis of the contents of the transferred project. It is available in English and can be interesting for hospitality teachers.

Contact: Ms Maria Martin

Funding programme: LLP-Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation