Manage+ – New solutions for the sustainable MANAGEment and operation of major regenerated sites developed into attractive destinations

The cooperation embraces operational, financial, social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainable area management. It includes concept development, implementation, evaluation, sustained knowledge transfer and initiation of further after-project refinement of concepts. Logo manageplus_rz

(a) Innovative institutional-organisational-contractual structures to enable a professional and sustainable management & operation of regenerated areas involving multiple stakeholders;
(b) Physical on-site management centres, with different operational functions at the partner locations (basic functions: administration/ financial management/ maintenance/ stakeholder partnership promotion & coordination; optional promotion functions: information & marketing, business & employment development, events & activities development, PPP promotion). This involves testing of different modes of cooperation with other organisations and of different staff models (own permanent or part-time staff. staff delegated from stakeholders);
(c) IT information management (virtual management centre) for coordination of stakeholders’ activities;
(d) Assessment of additional benefits versus costs

Social: Active operational involvement of citizen initiatives and businesses, working together with local and regional authorities

(a) Promotion of jobs on and through regenerated areas;
(b) Businesses developing new services for area users;
(c) Multiple-stakeholder-based information & marketing

Environmental: Environment-friendly operation of regenerated sites

Knowledge transfer: The outcomes of the different approaches will be evaluated, be translated into generalised recommendations, model solutions and training modules. Training courses open to experts from other regions and regeneration sites will b organized, a sustained exchange of experience across NEW will be initiated.

Coordinator: Regionalverband Ruhr (RVR) (Germany)
Contact: Ms Nora Künemund

Funding programme: Interreg IVB