Innoguide – Innovation in LLL Tourist Guide Training. Tourist guides as partners for a sustainable, diverse and exciting Europe!

The European project Innoguide has focused on the role tourist guides play in today’s society. In an ever evolving and gInnoguide logolobalizing world tourist guides have to keep up. They are faced with challenges in terms of intercultural encounters, requests for sustainable tours and demands to be more innovative and creative (including use of new technologies) in guiding their groups. The Innoguide project supports guides in this task by having gathered and developed teaching materials on the following three topics: interculturality, sustainability and experiential guiding. These materials, represented in three modules, are now easily accessible online for everyone to consult for free.

At the basis of this project is a  comparative study of the training programmes for tourist guides in the partner countries that provided insight into the organisation and content of the different tourist guide training programmes of the project partners. These programmes were compared on level (EQF norm), duration and content. This study showed a clear need for more teaching materials on these three topics.

Consequently, the online teaching platform (moodle) was developed and the result can be consulted at:

The project’s results are primarily intended for organizations providing vocational training for tourist guides and for guides but the tools developed are also useful for tourist guide associations, local authorities with responsibility for tourism, Erasmus + national agencies, public and private tourism institutions, vocational schools and universities. Content is also provided free of charge.
This project brings a clear European added value to the table as it brings together European countries with very different backgrounds who jointly undertake research and work on new didactic materials for guide training. Secondly, it contributes to the professionalization of  guides which in return supports and stimulates the intercultural dialogue between tourists and guides. Moreover, the quality of training programmes across Europe will improve as the project focuses on innovative ways of tackling sustainability, interculturality and creation of authentic experiences. From a long-term perspective the goal is to create a changed mind-set on how people think about guide training and, second, to see the three modules integrated in the teaching programmes of the participating partner countries and potentially beyond. Moreover, the aim is to set up train-the-trainer workshops in the nearby future to get people across Europe more acquainted with the materials.

Coordinator: Toerisme Vlaanderen (Belgium)
Contact: Ms Petra Huyst

Funding programme: LLP-Leondardo da Vinci