I-NEW – new job opportunities for inactive women in tourism sector

Project I-NEW supports the field of action “equal economic independence” which should be achieved in particular by combating discrimination, educational stereotypes, labour market segregation, precarious employment conditions, involuntary part-time work and the unbalanced sharing of care responsibilities with men. girl03

Project “I-NEW” aims to increase job opportunities in tourism for “inactive” women, offering them e-learning courses. Target group of the project are women who are neither in work nor seeking for work because of family responsibilities. E-Learning courses for professional fields in tourism, complimented by strengthening their “natural hosting talent” shall offer them better opportunities to increase their employability and to overcome the obstacles to enter or re-enter to the labour market.

I-New integrates the result of two surveys and uses the result of previous “TourEast project” analyses and desktop studies for the development of the E-learning modules, considering the specific needs of labour market and women of the target group.
Expected Results of I-NEW are the Multilanguage I-NEW e-Learning Web portal , Quality Assurance Control, Need Analysis Report , Multilanguage I-NEW e-course made out of seven e-training modules (Receptionist, Waitress, Guest relation, Hotel staff manager, English language, Soft skills, WEB 2.0 skills), Dissemination strategy, Evaluation report of pilot training, I-NEW training methodology handbook with a presentation of tools and methods placed on Web site, Valorisation materials-brochures, leaflets, flyers, roll-up posters

Website: http://inew-eu.net
Coordinator: COOP Institute of Education (Slovakia)
Contact: Ms Monika Hirschmugl-Fuchs
Email: monika.hirschmugl-fuchs@miraconsult.at

Funding programme: LLP-Leondardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation