Go & Learn – An international catalogue of study visits in SMEs

The aim is to create an international catalogue of visits and seminars in smes, creating an international enterprises net in which developing work experiences abroad. G&L Project has a partnership with 13 partners, in which training partners2012_GL_Vectorial_Logo, chambers of commerce and employee associations are included. The duration of the project is 36 months and the project is running now.
At the end of the project we’ll have an international net of enterprises in which develope guided visits, training units, stages and work experiences.

Every enterprise will have shared modalities of work, same standard administrative documents for managing international work exoperiences and will use the same training units and training methodologies. At the end of the project an international catalogue of enterprises in which develope work and training experiences will be ready.

At the end of the projects we’re expecting to hit these outcomes:

  • a common standard structure about logistics and administrative aspects;
  • local G&L reference bodies;
  • a network of sponsors, patrocinators and stakeholders
  • a network of certified training companies,;
  • a Go&Learn website;
  • the Catalogue of “Learning in Company” circuits;
  • the Catalogue of “Industrial Tourism and guidance” tours;
  • a proposal to reward the training companies adhering to the G&L initiative;

Website: http://goandlearn.eu
Coordinator: Regione autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia – Central Department Labour Training Education Youth Policies Peer Opportunities and Research (Italy)
Contact: Mr Giovanni Tonutti
Email: giovanni.tonutti@regione.fvg.it

Funding programme: LLP – Leonardo da Vinci Network