Forte Cultura – Capitalising of fortified cultural heritage for sustainable development and competitiveness of cities and regions

General objective of the project is the mobilisation of cultural heritage as a source for sustainable economic growth of cities and regions in Central Europe, to enhance their competitiveness, attractiveness and identity. Additionally it contributes to the balance of economic, cultural and social development between cities and regions, as well as to the reduction of disparities between old and new EU-member states. logo forte cultura

Object of the project, to achieve these aims, are the diverse historical cultural heritage fortified monuments, a special kind of architecture, including complete fortified cities, historical fortifications, regional fortress systems, defense landscapes, interregional historical defense lines. This culture and history have enormous potential as economic factors of cities and regions.

The project aims to capitalise and valorize this fortified cultural heritage by

  • strengthening of its economical basis, economical function and financial independence,
  • improvement of its urban, cultural and social functions, as well as of the historical consciousness of population,
  • strong monument maintenance on the basis of traditional knowledge and expertise, to enhance the attractiveness and identity of cities and regions.

It is a complex of several, interrelated activities, focused on their maintenance and utilization under requirements of a modern society that integrates fortress monuments into modern life. It generates new strategies for monument economy, promotes tourism as economic factor, initiates investments for new jobs and income. Knowledge keeping and transfer should ensure effective monument protection. The project intends to develop exemplary strategies and solutions, new products and instruments for a long term and extensive impact in whole Central Europe. The foundation of capacities and permanent acting organizations ensure the implementation of planned benefits and promote a new quality of monument policy on different political levels.

Coordinator: GKU Standortentwicklung Ltd. (Germany)
Contact: Agnieszka Zurawska-Tatala

Funding programme: Central Europe