ECVET – Health Tourism

The EHT project is an ECVET (European Credit for Vocational Education and Training) process to put in transparency and recognise across Europe the learning outcomes and the qualifications of the professional figures in the health tourism sector. The main aim of the project is to define and validate health tourism professionals’ competences through a system of ECVET credit points recognised at first within the partnership countries (Hungary, Italy, Belgium, Romania and Slovakia) and eventually at EU level. EHT logo

As one of the main factors of limitation to learning and work opportunities, and to mobility beyond VET systems, is identified in lacking definition and certification of professionals’ tasks, knowledge, skills, competences and learning outcomes units, the project intends to apply EQF and ECVET to these professionals, defining the field of qualification, mapping it onto EQF via national qualifications frameworks and systems, allocate ECVET credit points according to qualifications, with the aim to validate, transfer and recognise learning outcomes achieved in formal, informal and non formal contexts.

The major activities at this aim are focused on the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) ECVET contents (definition of the professional field in terms of learning outcomes, mapping it onto the EQF via national qualifications frameworks and systems, designing qualifications in transferable units of learning outcomes with allocation of credit points), and on its enforcement (Learning Agreements, Credits Awarding, Transfer Validation and Accumulation, through related VET programmes with flexible devices for validation, transfer and recognition of learning outcomes achieved in formal, informal and non formal contexts), as well as on the mainstreaming and multiplication of these results.

Coordinator: Várnai Consulting Education and Labour Market Service Nonprofit Ltd. (Hungary)
Contact: Ms Adrienn Paukóné Várnai

Funding programme: LLP-Leonardo Transfer of Innovation