eCuisine – A model for interactive e-learning to enhance vocational conversation and to arouse intercultural awareness in the hospitality sector

Cooking is in vogue, primarily aiming for culinary delights. Cooking courses are booming, business with recipe books is prospering, SmallLogothe web is full of (partly excellent) websites with recipes. Most available apps dealing with cuisine/cooking are like traditional recipe books giving information about ingredients, quantities and ways of preparation. Those dealing with gastronomy give hints and recommendations for finding a nice place for dining, they make ordering easier/quicker or allow payment via smartphone, for both staff and guests.

There are no apps available that give explanations about the ingredients or the techniques of preparation, that tell anything about the region in which the selected dish is usually offered and they say nothing of cultural or historic data or “stories” that change simple menu selection into an unforgettable event – at best easily, quickly and neatly arranged in one app.

Selected specialities from the Austrian cuisine plus culinary “highlights” from the partner countries are described and integrated into a learning programme as well as into app prototypes. By this the access to mobile devices as used in gastronomy and catering is facilitated.

Target groups for these apps are service staff, educational institutions and creators of menu cards.
An additive learning programme is developed which can be offered as extra module to existing professional education or used for private studies before taking up a job abroad.

Coordinator: Unternehmensberatung Heffeter (Austria)
Contact: Ms Brigitte Heffeter

Funding programme: LLP-Leonardo Transfer of Innovation