ECOTOUR – Ecotourism: New Knowledge by Innovation, New Jobs by Knowledge Transfer

The project aimed to improve the skills and competences of people in the tourism sector by introducing an ecotourism training programme in Cyprus, Estonia, Lithuania and Spain, while at the same time encouraging ecotourism development in project countries in particular and Europe in general. ecotourFinal

The project was based on the transfer of the results of LdV pilot project ECOLL that was completed in 2007 and provided innovative results that were successfully integrated in formal training programmes in partner countries. The objectives of ECOTOUR included analysis of ECOLL training programme and materials, their adaptation to the requirements of the target group and project countries; sharing experiences in ecotourism training and development of new (e-)learning contents; testing and evaluation; dissemination of information about the project and project results and preparation of appropriate mechanisms/processes for their further exploitation.

ECOTOUR is for people in tourism sector: entrepreneurs and managers of tourism SMEs. The training product might also be used by tourism policy makers, students, or people living in rural communities that would learn how to present and transfuse their knowledge on the surrounding nature and local culture to the tourists.

Coordinator: Cyprus University of Technology (CY)
Contact: Dr. Antonis Theocharous

Funding programme: LLP – Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation