CORE-VET – Promoting Core VET skills and competences for unskilled and semi-skilled employees in the tourism sector

CORE-VET tackles the need to develop skilled labor in the tourism sector and strives to provide vocational education and training possibilities – and better employment opportunities – for unskilled and/or semi-skilled people who are either unemployed, but wish to enter the tourism industry, or they are already working in the tourism industry, but lack the necessary skills and comcore-vet_logopetences in order to advance in their job. In particular, CORE-VET targets three occupational fields that are represented widely in the tourism sector: Reception & Front office services // House Keeping Services // Restaurant &  Bar Services.

CORE-VET aims to facilitate the process of adapting a training module to the necessary basic skills in the tourism and hospitality sector which is targeted directly at the risk-group of low-skilled employees and workers. The project promotes the recognition of smaller segments of learning and can be a powerful motivator for underemployed who are oftentimes neglected in the VET systems.
Its specific, interlinked objectives are to:

  • Enhance the work performance of low skilled workers and improve their employability.
  • Offer a flexible, interactive and user friendly e-learning platform to unskilled workers; thus, enabling them to improve their skills and take advantage of opportunities to improve their position in the labor market.
  • Provide SMES employers in the tourism sector, which may lack the proper training schemes, with a flexible and easy to use training tool in order to enhance the skills and competences and potentially the productivity and performance of their staff.
  • Provide VET trainers with adequate innovative tools and resources – in terms of methodology – to address the needs of semiskilled and low-skilled workers and employees.

Coordinator: Militos Consulting S.A. (Greece)
Contact: Ms Georgia Micheli

Funding programme: LLP-Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation