AcTour – Active Tourism for Sustainable Development

Tourism has the potential to contribute towards employ1 AcTour logoment and economic growth of rural areas as it represents the third largest socioeconomic activity in the European Union and is estimated to provide approximately 12% of all jobs.
Considering this the AcTour project transferred an innovative and technology-enhanced Training Guide and Curriculum on Active Toursim as a new professional profile for European rural regions.


  • young unemployed;
  • young and senior entrepreneurs in rural areas such as: guest-house owners, family- hotel owners, mountain guides, sports instructors, heritage interpreters, national park officers, etc.

The AcTour Project was meant to provide innovative vocational training solutions in Active Tourism based on labour market needs and increased accessibility for the disabled and seniors.


  • Skills Map
  • Training Guide and Curriculum
  • Web site

Coordinator: Infocenter (Bulgaria)
Contact: Ms. Kalina Toteva

Funding programme: LLP-Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation